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Cameron Gordon on BBC Look North
Asking County Councils to rethink Faith School Transport

what to rethink . . .

While waiting for others to come up with ideas that need rethinking, I have some of my own.

If you want to discuss any of these, or share your own assumptions that could be questioned, tweet, facebook, text or call me.

As time goes by the questions below will be linked to the rethinking going on.

Things to Rethink:

Is voting the best way to ensure local representation?

Does not speaking mean having nothing to say?

-  Is it healthy to consider oneself a sinner?

-  What would happen if we gave mainstream Public Budgets to communities?

-  Does the perceived Importance / Difficulty of a subject affect a person's ability to learn it?

-  Would it help assimilation if we learned lessons from immigrant communities?

I don't know if these are stupid or brilliant questions (probably neither) but would love to discuss them with those that want to - and to include more questions from you.




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