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thinking to oneself

think - but not speak
Aphasia is a condition that causes a problem with speaking, writing and reading.  

It is a common feature with those who've had a stroke.

Humans have an in-built association between language and intelligence - meaning people often assume "aphasics" are "a bit slow".


When you have a problem with communication, the simplest thing is to stop communicating.

But if you don't speak, people will think you have nothing to say.

Ironically, those who don't spend their every waking hour thinking of what to say next, get time to think more.  So those who don't speak much are actually the ones we should be listening to.

So to those with aphasia - or who are silenced by any other physical or social impairment, let's find a way to share the thoughts we spend so long silently thinking about.

Maybe we'll need actors, video editors, "Stephen Hawking Voice Machines", or confidence training . . .

But first we need to make ourselves known to each other.  In the first instance you could message or tweet me via Twitter or Facebook.  Then perhaps, Connect or Stroke Association could play a part.

But if you reading this and think you have something to say, but never get round to saying it, I will be your first audience - and together we can work out how to spread it further.

Cameron Gordon



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